TUPRAS Kırıkkale Refinery SCADA System


Control & Monitoring as well as archiving and evaluation of non-operational data are important aspects of a modern Substation Automation System. All energy suppliers whether they provide electricity, natural gas, water, or district heating face ever greater and more complex demands as they implement new energy mixes.

We provide our customers specific designs and the services below basically;

Single Line Diagram Screen, Detailed Feeder Screen, Alarm List Screen, Event List Screen, Trend Screen, Report Screen, OPC for 3rd Party Communication, Web Client, Operator Panel, Videowall etc.

Eskişehir OSB Solar SCADA System

Our solutions are scalable system for a broad range of applications and can be used from an integrated energy system for refineries, industrial zones, power plants, airports, utilities, underground transportation systems, iron and steel plants etc. to monitor for smart grid applications. The architecture is completely consistent from the on-site controls to the redundant multi-hierarchic control system. All sort of communication protocols can be used to ensure highly flexible HMI designs with third-party equipment for complex systems.

Siemens RTU Products


A high level of functionality and flexibility are the foundation for a successful automation system. Naturally, that also includes comprehensive options for telecontrol, communication and for connecting peripheral equipment.

All communication protocol standards are applicable on RTU Systems, such as IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC61850, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, DNP3, ProfiNET, Profibus, etc.

Our solutions for substation automation comply with IEC 61850. This standard represents a major step toward grid intelligence, because it meets the high communication requirements in terms of data volume, speed, etc. Additional benefits include easy integration of third-party devices and maximum viability for the future thanks to reusable engineering data. Intelligent applications can also be implemented through IEC 61850.

ABB RTU Products

For substation automation, we offer you preconfigured (and therefore highly cost-effective) system solutions for many typical applications. We also develop individual solutions to meet specific customer requirements. We supply all the secondary equipment in transmission and distribution networks for new installations, expansions, and modernizations. Our solutions feature scalable quantity structures, while offering a variety of interfaces and efficient operation on all levels.


Digital Fault Recording

The experience with disturbance recording systems has shown already how valuable this information is in order to allow for a better understanding of the steady-state and dynamic behavior of the system. The complexity of electrical power systems has increased and in the actual interconnected power system influences a wide area monitoring has also become essential. Therefore, disturbance recording and wide area monitoring is about the understanding what is going on with power system considering the wide grid circumstances, where fault location, protection behavior and system stability, through phasors measurement monitoring are analyzed.

With a high sampling rate, this unit records all relevant information for further analysis of short-circuits, breaker opening and closing behavior, reaction of CTs and VTs on network disturbances, etc. With a high recording capability and with real-time synchronization capability, the system can observe and monitor a huge number of feeders and power equipment.

Power Quality

Energy management is an important consideration for any business, and it is critical that power quality be assessed as part of any energy management strategy.

The Power Quality Analyzer provides comprehensive evaluation options for archived measuring data and fault records. In addition to clearly structured fault record analysis, the fault locator facilitates and accelerates the elimination of faults in the power network.