In large-scale projects, IES Technology provides “Project Management Service” acting as the Executive Project Manager on behalf of its Clients.

In order to finalize the projects on time with the best quality, “Project Management Service” studies the most effective solution to provide user friendly system to its valuable customers by designing a detailed Project Management Plan (PMP) in terms of cost efficiency and human power. The PMP involves the following steps;

  • Project Specifications
  • Scope Definition and Work Breakdown
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Project Organization and Resource Management
  • Cost Modeling and Planning
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Procurement, Subcontractor and Supplier Management

  • One of the key factors of a successful completion fo complex projects is the Interface Management. Therefore IES Technology takes advantages of its experiences for the design optimization and Interface Management step by step as following;

  • Design Requirements and Review
  • Design Documentation
  • Signalization Works
  • Material Management
  • Quality Control